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Sno-King Affordable iPod Repair Started in 2009

Hi, my name is Marc Eggers.  I began my experience in electronics repair by working on my own instruments in 1978. Guitars, amplifiers etc. If I could locate the issue, broken wire, bad potentiometer, bad capacitor etc. I learned to solder and fix it. In 2000 I got my first iPod. It was a 5th Gen classic or "Video". When the battery died and I was charging it the logic board went bad too. I paid a lot (over $100) to have it fixed and a "new" battery installed. When that battery died less than 1 year later, I decided to replace it. I did the research and found I was in my element working on iPods and today's smaller electronics. I trained and began fixing them for my kids and their friends. I purchased an iPod Touch that needed a new touch screen glass (digitizer) and after opening and fixing it I thought, why not start a repair service. After all I could do it for 1/2 of what the factory charged. In 2009 I began advertising on Craigslist and started repairing devices and electronics for the general public. During that time I have also repaired Nintendo DS's, iPads, Sony PS2's, PSP's and most types of iPods although I try to stick to the larger devices like the iPad, iPod original, classic and touch etc. iPhones are my specialty. I use only OEM parts when they are readily available like: replacement front screens, charging/docking ports, audio jacks etc.

See my ads on Seattle craigslist under iPod parts in the electronics section, iPhone parts in cell phones and Electronics or screen Repair in Computer Services or email me at:

[email protected] (dot com) 

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CD's are also available by request.

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  • "I have to have my phone for work! My iPhone 3GS quit after previous water damage. Marc got it up and running in one day! He is efficient, honest, and knowledgeable. Will be se..."
    Satisfied Bail Agent
  • "Marc did a bang up job after I banged up my ipad and cracked the screen. Good rates and incredibly quick turnaround. Use this dude to the upmost for your electronic fixing needs!"
    Happy Camper